This non-destructive survey in Akrai has been possible thanks to an agreement with Soprintendenza dei Beni Culturali e Ambientali in Syracuse. First of all visible archaeological structures, known from earlier researches, have been recorded. This was done with using electronic tachometers of Total Station type fitted with the latest electronic components and software. The use of this equipment guaranteed 0.01 mm accuracy of measurement but, in the first place, made it possible to construct a numerical database which brought together input from e.g., aerial photography and geophysical survey.

Total Station measurements (fot. Bogacki M.)  Total Station measurements (fot. Bogacki M.)






A point of departure for all the measurements was to reference them to a matrix - at least two site data with known coordinates (x; y). Planigraphic documentation work was performed in several stages. Archaeological squares were laid out (division into kilometres, hectares and ares), all to create a grid for archaeological plans and sections. Next, structures visible on the surface were put on the plan, including the theatre, bouleuterion, temple of Aphrodite, workshops and the area next to the temple, stone quarries, surviving fragments of the agora and the road.

Topographic map with recorded archaeological structures and archaeological squares (drawn by Małkowski W.)








Moreover, a GPS RTK was used to make a master topographic map of the site and its surrounding area which may be easily linked to with bit maps generated from aerial images (Kite Aerial Photography), satellite photographs, and results of the geophysical survey. An element which integrates the database is a vector map of the site showing elevation measurements within the area enclosed by modern fencing of the archaeological park - 23.5 ha.


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